Fall’s Fab 6


Fall is our favorite time of year, all around. What we love most about fall is the fashion: layering, textures, saturated colors, and of course, the start of boot season! There are countless things to adore about fall fashion… here’s what we’re dying over right now.

Faux Fur

Why we love it..
Faux fur, those two words when used together makes our hearts flutter. It’s a personal fave, thus making the list of Fall’s Fab 6. Plus, PETA would approve.

Fall Foliage-inspired Polishes

Why we love it…
Nothing says “autumn” like matte orange nails gripping the side of a mug of hot apple cider or a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Textured Hats

Why we love it…
We’ve always been hat girls. They add personality to an ensemble, not to mention, you can always spice them up by adding a broach or pin.

Rose Gold Watch

Why we love it…
Rose gold is feminine, but unique. It’s great on it’s own or paired with a deep, forest green like shown here.

Leopard Print

Why we love it…
It seems like the fashion world has started to accept animal prints as neutrals. If you don’t walk on the wild side, consider the opposite, one pop of animal print can take an outfit from ordinarily boring to daring. Animal prints add a great pop of personal pizazz to your everyday getup.

Leather... anything

Why we love it…
Leather is known for luxury. With soft texture like butter, it’s chic, classic and never goes out of style. Reinventing the way leather is typically worn by using it for garments like shorts or tees puts a modern spin on a timeless fabric.

Keeping Fall Fab-
Cherie and Lauren

The Designers:
Faux Fur Vest by Sanctuary
Nail Polishes by NARS
Hat by Gap
Watch by Michael Kors
Booties by Madden Girl
Shorts by Vanessa Bruno


3 Responses to “Fall’s Fab 6”

  1. Great work girls! Love the suggestions, especially about the hats! Hope you continue to add on more fashion articles and tips on here!


  2. 2 Jayne

    I love the Nars nailpolishes!

  1. 1 Spring Ahead in your Current Wardrobe- Faux Fur Edition « eyeblinkfashion

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