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We LOVE and appreciate all the comments and feedback on eyeblinkfashion! On a recent post one comment particularly caught our attention and we wanted to pay homage to SABO Skirt Girls for taking the time to check us out. SABO Skirt is a company based down under. They offer up their fashion insight in a […]

So after my ombre look last week, I thought I’d try something similar but with a little personal twist. I call these nails “ink dipped” for the mere fact that it looks like I stuck the tips of my nails into a vat of ink. They are smudged and have a gradient affect that just […]

I’m totally guilty for being a reality tv addict, I particularly LOVE Bravo. The Real Housewives, Top Chef (yum to Chef Tom Colicchio), and my all time fave Rachel Zoe. Love her or leave her, you cannot deny Rachel’s impeccable eye for all things exquisite and luxe. Stepping out of her celeb styling shadows into […]

Today I will be traveling back in time. No, not to a different place or century, but instead back to mid-July where the temperatures reached a scorching 98 degrees and I lived in cotton dresses, light makeup, and ballerina buns (Boston’s humidity does nothing for the hair!). So, I’m in the airport now, about to […]

Having curves is great, knowing how to show them off in a sleek, sexy, flattering way is even greater. Welcome the pencil skirt. I’ve always been a sucker for the silhouette a well crafted pencil skirt creates, which shows off the right amount of curvature. A pencil skirt can even help the less curvy ladies […]

Fall is undoubtedly my favorite season (I’m sure I will repeat that sentiment many times over the next few months!). I love the crisp air, the cozy sweaters, the pumpkin and apple picking, Halloween, cider, campfires, and most importantly, the fall foliage in the Northeast. There’s something about seeing the orange, golds, reds, and browns […]

Bronzer is my number one beauty must have, hands down. The miracle powder instantly adds life, color and brightness to your face. I’ve made some mistakes with this cosmetic concoction in the past, oh have I. But I’ve learned when I should be drowning my pores in the luminous rays of Sunrise Gold vs. when […]