All About Nails!


You name it, I’ll try it when it comes to my nails. Unfortunately, this wasn’t always the case.

I started biting my nails at a very young age, for whatever reason kids develop that bad habit. My mother tried everything to make me stop — from the bitter tasting nail polish to downright pawing my hand out of my face. However, nothing worked for 27 years and the appearance of my nails consistently suffered. Who wants to see a pretty nail color on a busted handful of bitten nails?

But I’ll fully admit that all that changed a few months ago and I quit biting my nails cold turkey. The reason for my complete 180 was due to my new found appreciation for all things nails. And by appreciation, I mean obsession: Nail art. Nail colors. Nail trends. Nail polish brands — NARS, OPI, Chanel, Butter London, Deborah Lippmann, Essie, Sally Hansen, American Apparel. Mmm, those names just roll off the tongue, don’t they?

I’m a pretty decent artist which means I have a steady hand, a great and necessary skill for nail art. One of my favorite things about nail art is finding inspiration for my nails in unexpected ways, like a Monet painting or rock sugar stick used to stir a cappuccino (see some of these nail looks below). And although I use and appreciate crackle polishes and the trendy nail stickers, nothing is more fulfilling than a brilliantly executed nail art manicure.

Let’s take a look at my nails over the past few weeks:

1. Cobalt and gold
2. Cheetah print (pink, blue, and white)
3. French manicure (free handed!)
4. Purple Monet nails
5. Rock crystal glitterati (be careful, these ones catch one everything!)
6. Marble nails – take one
7. Marble nails – take two
8. Nude and black French manicure
9. White spotted orange
10. Ombre mermaid nails

I’ll definitely do some nail tutorials in the near future. The marble nails and cheetah prints are by far my favorites to do. Any other nail art looks you think I should attempt?

– Cher


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