Are You Combat Ready?


Is your arsenal stocked?

Military inspired looks invaded fashion ground over a decade ago and have yet to recede from the front line. Military inspired coats, dresses, skirts, tops, and boots all evoke the inner pride of a solider and make you feel a little more bad ass.

Ever evolving, these trends seem to alter slightly year to year; never overstepping the fashion boundaries of interpreting an inspiration and taking it too far. Big House names such as Burberry, and Alexander McQueen do an remarkable job of accomplishing this task. Taking an inspiration too literally can lead to a fashion disaster and blow up in your face like a land mine.

A. McQueen's Military-inspired look 2011

Burberry's Military-inspired look 2011

So how far do you go before you cross enemy lines? Below are my tips to keep in your arsenal of military musts.

1. Color Combo

Perhaps the most important part of successfully achieving the military look is color. Start with a neutral found in all service mens’ (and womens’) uniforms; dark, deep navy, saturated, khaki green or a rich, toffee tan. Then to oppose the ordinary, combine the neutral with a feminine, soft color such as light pink or deep, jewel toned purple. My fave color combo to achieve this look is light pink and khaki green.

In my closet…
Gap Raw-Edge Henley Shirt $59.95

Gap Blouse

Express Pink blouse

Express Pink Blouse

2. Texture

Similar to balancing color, you want your military look to be balanced in texture. If you’re sporting a thick, heavy weighted khaki material, combat it with a silk ruffled top. Or if you’re rocking a structured jacket with shoulder detail, pair it with a plain, cotton cami.

3. Details

Great military inspired pieces have something special about them. Details such as shoulder buttons, patches, and high, structured collars make military looks intricate and delicate. Be careful not to blow up on detail overload. You have to keep the size of your details (and amount) proportionate with your body size (similar to the way you would with prints).

4. Accessories

I think this is where people take it too far more often than not. You want to look classic like Jackie-O, not literal like a M*A*S*H character. Accessories have the ability to transcend an outfit, but it’s up to you to learn when too much becomes tacky. If you’re wearing combat boots, try a leather fringe bag to break out the military monotony. Or go with a leather satchel and wear a pair of sparkle ballet flats. Try a cute headband made of crystal instead of a hat. The trick is to wear the look but don’t let it wear you. You want to still look feminine, playful and in style, not like you broke into your father’s old uniform closet and went to work in that.

In my closet…
NY&Co. Glitter Ballerina Flats $24.95



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