Bibles on the Brain


Fashion Bibles that is…

There are so many great books out there on designers, and style, it’s easy to drop a bunch of money to have the best Fashion Bible collection out there! Along the years, my bookshelves have grown more colorful and more stocked with these great books.

Here are some of my top picks, a mix of modern and iconic voices.

“Make it work people!” Tim Gunn’s infamous catch phrase made him a lovable fashion voice and tv personality. Read Tim’s book and you’ll hear his voice throughout filled with insight, wisdom and encouraging words.

BANANAS! Stylist to the stars, and Bravo-lebrity Rachel Zoe shares her fashion and style tips a to z. If you love RZ, fashion or both, you’ll die for this book!

Get the inside scoop on the designer whose bags can be spotted miles away. Louis Vuitton’s designs reinvent the word “classic” and have been turning heads over 100 years. (Not to mention a Louis Speedy is a personal favorite of mine!)

I bought this book for Cher as a birthday gift a few years back, she considers it a must read for all you fashionistas out there. Learn timeless tips from French Master Christian Dior, relevant to girls of any age! This book is small enough to carry in your purse and chic enough to display on a coffee table.

Fashion Director at Marie Claire and Project Runway judge declares her stance on flawless style. You’ll find input from major designers and learn what key pieces you need in your walk in.

Although this book has yet to grace my hands, I have high hopes for this one. After so many years of being a successful designer, Mr. Red Sole himself is putting it all out there. I expect big things from the creator of the tinsel town, red carpet must have accessory. Hope Loubi doesn’t disappoint!

Take a stroll down the streets of Paris to explore the fashions of Chanel since 1920. This book explores 5 major categories: the suit, the camellia, jewelry, make up and fragrance and the lbd.

Every girl who considers shopping a sport should own this book. It’s a fashionista’s manual, if you will. Not only does it teach you how to invest in essential wardrobe pieces but it also teaches you other necessary info to ensure a successful financial future.

Hermes Birkin Bag. Those three words bring a smile to any fashionista’s face and a glimmer to her eyes. This true story is a riveting retelling of Michael’s creative business venture revolving around the Chupacabra of all handbags. Aside from a fascinating story, Michael’s writing is pure poetry. His descriptions and language are as beautiful as a leather Kelly.

Alexander McQueen. His name says it all. A true visionary, influential, unmatched talent, the world lost one of the greatest artists the day he took his life. This book provides a small glimpse into pure genius and unrivaled imagination.


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