Spring Has Sprung!


Michael Kors

The fashion industry is always 2 seasons ahead of the rest of us. Would we be able to make our Spring shopping lists otherwise? Today my fave Long Island native, American designer Michael Kors debuted his Spring 2012 Collection. Streaming the show from my computer wasn’t a first for me, but the way I felt prior to the show starting sure was. My heart was racing and endorphines rushed through my body, you’d think it my was collection that was about to strut down the runway. As the lights came up, the double runway was revealed, fashion’s ellite filled the middle section. The music came on and the first model made her way down the first runway, up it, then down and back on the second, I was completely mesmerized by the knee-high, flat gladiator sandals stomping the ground. Michael is an accessory king (or is queen more appropriate?), this show confirmed that. Shearling messenger bags and safari-inspire bone and bead ring necklaces caught my eye instantaneously. The collection has an over all safari meets jungle feel. Earth tones are abundant and made better by shades of red, purposefully place whites and animal prints! One piece swimwear with leather buckle belts, and skin bearing cut outs turned the audiences’ heads.

Here are some pieces that I had to muffle my scream for as they rounded the corner.

Zebra Stripe Coat Dress

Tye Dye Maxi with Snake Skin Collar

Close Up

The Models Sported a Knotted Braid 'do

Bone and Bead Ring Necklace

Michael is celebrating his 30th anniversary in fashion this year, quite an accomplishment! In my eyes, MK can do no wrong, not a one fashion injustice. But his collections over the past few years have continued to thrill me and keep me guessing. I can’t wait to see what’s around the runway corner next.



3 Responses to “Spring Has Sprung!”

  1. 1 chichichic!

    oh i LOVE the messy hair braid! great write up on michael kors too!

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