Colorblock Hair


In the late 1970’s, my mom was all the rage. Not only was she prom queen, she had an older, handsome boyfriend (ahem, my father!) who drove a sweet sports car. I’m not sure if this is true or not, but I even heard rumors of her walking through her strict Catholic high school donning five-inch platform wedges with his name in glitter written down the side. Scary as that may be, that’s what you call a statement!

Anyways, I’m almost 100%-sure that my mother is the reason I’m obsessed with all things beauty – hair, makeup, and nail polish. Her and her friend Bonnie used to apply coats of mascara and separate each lash with a safety pin for hours before going out, after all. Did I mention I was typically the hair and makeup guinea pig at the cosmetology school she taught at in the early-90s?! But I digress.

I recently found this picture of my mom at prom and figured, why not share it with the world? You’re welcome, Mom!

My mom in 1978... check out that two-tone hair!

Not only am I in love with her dress, but also check out that brunette and blonde colorblock hair!! Ombre, two-tone, colorblock, whatever the term may be, I love the contrast of the colors and I think this hair trend is perfect for fall. Here are a few celebs (oh, and me and Laur!) trying out the colorblock hair trend. Enjoy!

eyeblink author Lauren's ombre hair

eyeblink author Cherie's colorblock bangs

Michelle Phillips from Mamas & the Papas - Old school, but I LOVE the colorblock look with several shades of blonde!

Drew Barrymore and her famous colorblock hair!

Whitney Port and Rachel Bilson have some great colorblocking going on!

– Cher


4 Responses to “Colorblock Hair”

  1. Look at Lorraine, such a superstar!!!! And Chuck ❤

  2. 2 Lorraine

    Oh my goodness, I love, love, love this blog…Who could ever believe I was that YOUNG !!!! and so ‘smitten’ with Chuckie!!! Oh yes, and the ‘two toned set with electric rollers hair ‘was oh so me!!!! Yes, the shoe story is true, I had ‘Chuck’ written on my sparkled platforms in silver glitter ~ you can ask Brother John if you don’t believe me!

    Thanks Cherie for bringing me back to 1978…..xoxo . P.S.your father was not to ‘shabby’ either!!!

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