Bouquets of Bijoux


Bling. Bijoux. Baubles. All of the above please!

I’ve always had this philosophy, more is more and more is good! I’m not exactly shy when it comes to accessorizing on a daily basis. I would even admit to faltering on differeniating accessorizing rules at work vs going out. But hey, more is more right?! I’ve always adored a mutli-strand necklace or a plethora of pearls piled high on my decolletage and beyond.

My roomie bought me the coolest necklace for my birthday, a simple silver chain with a round pendant that holds different magnet inserts. These inserts are plentiful and limitless as far as options go (which I love!). Check out the Magnabilities site to see what I mean. Sporting this necklace as an every staple has become second nature to me, but lately I am pairing it with a longer necklace and let me tell you, I’m really digging the look!

Here are other multi-strand, layering neckware I dying for…

Free People Layered Pearl Necklace

SJP sporting an everyday staple necklace with a longer strand

LC sporting some SERIOUS neck candy (yum!)

SJP stealing my heart again!



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