The Bronzer Blues


Bronzer is my number one beauty must have, hands down. The miracle powder instantly adds life, color and brightness to your face. I’ve made some mistakes with this cosmetic concoction in the past, oh have I. But I’ve learned when I should be drowning my pores in the luminous rays of Sunrise Gold vs. when I should ski the slopes and sip hot cocoa with Snow Bunny. The trick is to play it seasonally, sounds easy right? But when you’re a bronze-aholic like me, it’s hard (and sad!) to draw that line. You don’t want to be too orange even for Jersey or look like a golden statue of Aphrodite.

Believe it or not, one palette carries you through 4 seasons of bronzed beauty.

The Bronzed & The Beautiful Bronzing Collection

Too Faced The Bronzed & The Beautiful Bronzing Collection

The Bronzer Sun Dial

Winter: Sigh. This is the trickiest time of year for me when it comes to my complexion complex. My Native American ancestors are screaming sun praises to me and I’m powerless against them. At least, I was until I discovered Too Faced Snow Bunny Bronzer. It’s a mixture of bronzer, blush and illuminating powders.

Spring: As I feel the warm rays of the sun poking out over the masses of snow, hope fills my bronzer loving heart. Using the same Too Faced palette, I like to do a combination of Pink Leopard and Snow Bunny. Still keeping that luminous glow from winter but adding more depth and brown to it.

Summer: Sun goddesses rejoice! Our time is now! Sun Bunny is where it’s at in the summer. I also love what I like to call “tan in a can,” Covergirl TRUBlend Mineral bronzer. You have to go easy with this one, you can get that tin man look easily. I usually do a swipe of Sun Bunny and use the Covergirl one for an added layer of depth when I go out for summer cocktails.

Fall: Time to dwindle down on the bronzer again. And like spring, fall’s look stems from a combo of 2 colors, Sun Bunny and Snow Bunny. You can ride out your summer tan while gearing up for that pearly white winter glow.

Here are some of my other fave bronzing products:
-Neutrogina Sunless Tanning MicroMist. (Medium shade in the fall/winter, Deep shade in spring/summer)
-NARS Laguna Bronzing Powder
-NARS Laguna Illuminator (Sandwiched between face primer underneath and bronzing powder on top. Light on your skin and lovely on your face.)

What’s your fave bronzer?


4 Responses to “The Bronzer Blues”

  1. hey Lauren, as far as bronzers i like Illamasqua and Makeup Forever (also like Nars). i also seem to get good lasting bronze from Bobbi Brown.

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