Biker Babe Meets Working Girl


Having curves is great, knowing how to show them off in a sleek, sexy, flattering way is even greater. Welcome the pencil skirt. I’ve always been a sucker for the silhouette a well crafted pencil skirt creates, which shows off the right amount of curvature. A pencil skirt can even help the less curvy ladies of today create curves. It’s a double duty miracle piece every girl needs in her closet.

Enter leather. Pencil skirts became one thousand times better when leather became a fabric of choice. A timeless, sphositicated piece was rocked by an edgey and still classic fabric. Genius!!

Leather Pencil Skirts on every budget

Dana Buchman Faux-Leather Pencil Skirt $58.00

MICHAEL Michael Kors Leather Pencil Skirt $205.00

Elie Tahari Julie Leather Pencil Skirt $796.00



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