Time Travel: Fall to Summer


Today I will be traveling back in time. No, not to a different place or century, but instead back to mid-July where the temperatures reached a scorching 98 degrees and I lived in cotton dresses, light makeup, and ballerina buns (Boston’s humidity does nothing for the hair!).

So, I’m in the airport now, about to hop on a plane to San Antonio, Texas, where the weatherman still thinks it’s summer in late-September and the 10-day forecast temperatures all start with a 9. Although it will be nice to feel the heat one more time before my fall boots get strapped on, my body has already started to believe it is fall, which means dressing for this trip might be a bit more difficult than I originally thought.

Here are my packing essentials for my Texas trip:

    Lightweight cardigans for easy layering – I just bought the best one on sale from the LOFT
    Maxi skirts and tucked in sheer blouses for drinks on the Riverwalk
    Boyfriend rolled up jeans and lightweight v-neck tees for my highly anticipated trip to SeaWorld
    Knee length pencil skirts and chiffon blouses for work purposes (pleeease don’t make me wear a suit in 98 degrees!)

Oh, and we can’t forget the beauty essentials:

    NO foundation – but instead, sunscreen and tinted moisturizer
    Beach wave spray for tousled waves that could be thrown back in a bun or messy ponytail easily
    Bright lipstick – nothing looks better with minimal eye makeup and tinted moisturizer. I like MAC’s Girl About Town!
    Blotting papers, I like to glow, not shine!
    Bright nail polish, before they are all put away to make room for my fall colors

Wish me luck on my trip and let’s hope I don’t melt in the heat!

– Cher


One Response to “Time Travel: Fall to Summer”

  1. 1 Tara

    Have fun 🙂

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