Tutorial: Ink Dipped Nails


So after my ombre look last week, I thought I’d try something similar but with a little personal twist. I call these nails “ink dipped” for the mere fact that it looks like I stuck the tips of my nails into a vat of ink. They are smudged and have a gradient affect that just looks brilliant! They’re perfect for fall and can be done in a variety of colors (I prefer dark purple, navy blue, or black for this for the true “ink” look).

Keep in mind this nail look is a bit more difficult than the first ombre look, but you’ll master the skill in no time.

Step 1: Gather your polishes. For this tutorial, you’ll need a clear polish, medium purple, dark purple, and an old clear polish that you don’t mind ruining.

Step 2: Apply two coats of clear base coat to nails. We want a nice glossy base. For this nail art, we will work on one nail at a time.

Step 3: Take the medium shade and apply a messy strip to the tip of the nail (a bit wider than a French manicure tip).

Step 4: Put a few loose drops of polish towards the top of the strip.

Step 4: Take your old clear polish and push the loose drops of polish towards the cuticle of the nail, being sure not to go too far. This is the step that will take the most practice, but the final effect should be a smokey purple look.

Step 5: Take your dark purple polish and apply a thin strip just to the bottom of the nails. No need to blend that polish.

Step 6: I added sparkles on my ring fingers for a little pop of sparkle.

Step 6: Let your nails dry for a bit and then apply a final coat of clear polish to seal in the look.


– Cher

7 Responses to “Tutorial: Ink Dipped Nails”

  1. 1 Lorraine

    Your hands are so cute…..I wish I was there to kiss them…and the nails are very cool!

  2. what a cute idea 🙂 looking good! x

  3. 3 Ly

    Thank you for the tutorial. I’ve been wanting to do an ombre nail look.



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