TU-plum-LIPS Product Review: Maybelline Plum Paradise


The day of my original TU-plum-LIPS post, I found myself at Target on my lunch break (preparing for my new dog Cookie’s upcoming arrival from TN). With a strategic list in mind and time to spare, I meandered through the make up section hoping to find some shade of plum to suffice my craving until I could make it to Sephora. I stumbled upon Maybelline’s COLORsensational in Plum Paradise (no. 425). I knew the cool undertones would be the best fit for my complexion.

Ratings(1-5 stars, 1 being the lowest, 5 being the highest)

Texture/Stickiness: 5 stars! This lipstick is smooth, doesn’t get clumpy or gritty. Not a hint of sticky either!
Staying/Lasting Power: 3 stars. I usually apply in the morning with minor touch ups, do a clean swipe at lunch and reapply to keep the lines clean and precise throughout the day.
Vibrancy/Pigment: 4 stars. The color lasts but if you drink a lot of water throughout the day like me, you have to touch up every so often.
Overall: 4 stars, proving a $7 drug store lipstick is almost as good as a $30 Sephora splurge!



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