WATCH Out For Yourself


Over the last few years, I’ve really developed a love affair with watches. They all have a special place in my heart- from ceramic, chronograph boyfriends to chainlink, double wrap bracelet-inspired to classic, simple, leather. Obvie my fave designer MK, makes watches like he was put on this earth to do so. Each piece has their own unique twist to satisfy any girl’s (or guy’s) need for some time-telling adornment on their wrist.

My MK timepiece spotlight

Michael Kors White Midsize Ceramic Watch with Glitz

White hot watches are perfect for hazy, hot summer days. But also translate to the white, snowy days of winter. I love the boyfriend inspired qualities this watch posesses; while keeping it girly with the crystal accents.

Michael Kors Crocodile-Embossed Watch

When I first saw this watch and showed my mom, I had to call dibs on it. There is something so understanded glam about the forest green with rose gold accents. This watch is delicate, but makes a bold statement by using opposing colors, and textures- smooth, rose gold with rough, green, croc embossed leather.

Michael Kors MK Logo Gold Watch

This pick was effortless for me. Oversized simplicity at its finest.

Michael Kors Bradshaw Chronograph Watch

My final pick may be a little too masculine for some of you ladies out there. This piece has business man written all over it! The Roman numerals, gold hardware and mocha face remind me of an office’s color scheme straight out of “Mad Men.”


2 Responses to “WATCH Out For Yourself”

  1. michael kors makes such great classic watches. i have a gold one myself and it’s timeless. love it!


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