Tutorial: Cheetah Jungle Nails


Welcome to one of my favorite nail tutorials! Cheetah is one of my favorite prints ever, whether it be on my clothes, accessories, or furniture, and so I figured cheetah nails were a natural progression. Cheetah nails look difficult, but they are surprisingly easy to do and don’t even require a steady hand! I also like that these cheetah nails can be done with any colors you want for a personalized touch! I chose orange, blue, and white for my cheetah nails this week for a Flinstone’s-like flair.

Step 1: Gather your polishes. For this look, I used an orange for the base coat (Revlon’s Siren – 440), blue for the spots (Milani’s Nail Art in Blue Print – 707), and white for the outline (Milani’s Nail Art in White Canvas – 704).

Step 2: Apply two coats of your base color. For my cheetah nails, I chose a lovely orange as the base.

Step 3: Let your nails dry for a few minutes, and then start your spots. I chose blue for my spots so I just painted about five messy polka dots on my nails. Remember, these spots don’t need to be perfect and look most natural when a bit messy.

Step 4: Now it’s time to outline the spots with the white polish. Draw messy “U” lines around the exterior of each spot. It’s best to do a “U” squiggle on either side of the spot, as shown below. I also scattered some single white dots in between the spots. Again, don’t be perfect!

Step 4: Let your polish dry a bit and then apply a clear top coat to seal it all together!


– Cher

5 Responses to “Tutorial: Cheetah Jungle Nails”

  1. 1 D-

    Cher Love the nails So fun….D-oxox

  2. Rrrrr… awesome nails! Love the colors and the tutorial. I have to try that.

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