Flat Out Awesome


Living a mile away from work has many perks. Walking home at night offers a great way to unwind, I never have to stress from traffic or subways, and my commute is pretty predictable.

However, there is one small negative to walking a mile in the morning: not being able to wear heels on my commute! Heels are my “go to” shoes for work days (you can see some faves here and here), but a comfortable commute tends to trumps fashion on the way there and home. But the great thing about the shoes highlighted below is that they are so cute and comfortable that I don’t even want to change my shoes when I get to work!

Here are some of my favorite flats for fall:

Gap Chain Bow Flats, $49.95

Tory Burch Reva Ballet Flat in nude, $195

Levity Monica Flat, $59.95

Calvin Klein Bailey flat in leopard, $59

Adrienne Vittadini Trevor Moccasin, $69.95

What kind of shoes do you wear on your commute?

– Cher


4 Responses to “Flat Out Awesome”

  1. I always have the same commuting conundrum: walking to the train to work up and down wild terrain and steep hills and other heel-unfriendly milieus! Love the flats — esp the Levity 2-tone, very office-chic! I’m a big fan of foldable flats like Footzyrolls, Corso Como’s Ballasox and Gap’s City Flats: they’re all comfortable (esp Gap’s flats) and they fold into a pouch for portability.

    • I love a shoe that folds nicely into a pouch! Whoever created those are geniuses! Sadly today’s commuting shoes consist of rainboots, the weather in Boston has been yucky lately!

      – Cher

  2. 3 tazie45

    I have the Gap chain-bow flats- they are adorable and the most comfortable flat I’ve ever worn. They look so cute, too. No break-in period like some shoes, just slipped them on and good to go. Have you ever worn “Born” ballet flats, if so, what did you think? Love your blog!

  3. 4 tazie45

    I have the Gap chain-bow flats— The most comfortable ballet flat I ever wore, no break-in period either— just slipped them on and good to go. I was curious if you ever wore “Born” ballet flats, and if so, what do you think? Love your blog!

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