Cher and I are having a blast doing features on other fashion bloggers and retail sites out there. It’s so much fun to see what everyone else is buzzing about! This week’s feature goes out to LuLu’s, a retail site catering to the youth of America, helping them find their own style to carry them into womanhood. Those days have long passed for both Cher and myself (I can’t say that I really miss them!). I’m a strong believer in dressing age appropriately. And just because you may be a 25 year old who can still FIT in juniors’ clothing, doesn’t mean you should be “rocking” it. The cuts for a 15 year old’s body vs. a 25 year old’s are completely different and not so flattering. Sorry gals, the truth hurts.

Thankfully LuLu’s also has a FAB repertoire of accessories and footwear for us to showcase.


Lauren’s picks

Opera House Rainbow Ring $19.00

Material Girl Golden Yellow and Brown Striped Purse $31.00

My Delicious Set Dark Beige & Black Patent Brogue Platform Pumps $28.00

Steve Madden Carnby-L Leopard Lace Up Ankle Boots $189

Cher’s picks

Pony Up Structured Black Handbag, $47

Matiko Lori Powder Blush & Black Glitter Heels, $153

Foreign Strands Chain Ring, $11

Privileged Ivy Chestnut & Leopard Lace-Up Wedge Booties, $48

Be sure to check out LuLu’s and their blog! What are some of your fave pieces?

-Cher and Lauren


3 Responses to “LuLu’s”

  1. I’m a huge fan of Lulu’s!! They have great sales as well! I just recently bought a pair of the Privileged Leopard booties and am still so obsessed with them! VERY COMFY!! xo, Kate

  2. loving the bag and leopard shoes (both ankle boots and wedges). great picks!


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