Spectacular Spectacles


I’ve been pretty blind my whole life (not legally blind, self disagnosed blind). I credit my lack of visibility to countless years of tanning without goggles, and sitting too close to the TV as child. Nevertheless I can’t hate on the fact that I wear perscription glasses on a daily basis (no patience for contacts here!). The only thing I DO hate about wearing glasses is my incessant need to own multiple pairs to further accessorize an outfit. And for you blindies out there like me, you know first hand it can get pretty pricey! Factor in perscription sunnies, and I’m shame faced. But at least I can hide my face with my Ray Ban aviators.

If I won a Lenscrafters shopping spree anytime soon (do they exist and where do I sign up!?), I would buy these babies to add to my collection. And stalk the internet to find Samantha’s Gucci 2929 blacks from SATC 2… how much do you LOVE those cat eye frames? Yum!

Anne Klein


D&G Tortise

Dolce & Gabbana



What lenses do you lust for?


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