Make Like a Leaf


I was lustfully browsing the Neiman Marcus website a few days ago and stumbled upon this beautiful statement necklace that I just had to share:

Aurelie Bidermann Ivy Leaf Necklace

This lovely leaf necklace is $3,055.00, and I don’t know about you, but I surely don’t have that in my “fall accessory budget” (yes, I have one of those!). However, this Aurelie Bidermann necklace did inspire me to do a little research on some other leaf inspired pieces at a much more reasonable price point. Enjoy!

Forever 21 Autumn Leaves Necklace
, $4.80

Urban Outfitters Loose Leaf Headband, $19.00

Kevia Gold Tripe Graduated Leaf Earrings, $53.00

Ginkgo Leaf Ring – Sterling Silver on Etsy, $42.00

Don’t these pieces just scream fall? Tell me about the nature-inspired accessories you’re wearing below!

– Cher


2 Responses to “Make Like a Leaf”

  1. I want that statement necklace! Love the gingko leaf ring so much – it looks so organic and pretty! My recent nature-chic procurement is a pair of rainbow beetle-wing earrings I got at Evolution in SoHo. They’re iridescent and so cute, albeit, a little garish (—hanging-jw0116/) and at $10, probably one of the cheapest things at the whole store!

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