Product Review: Nails Inc. Magnetic Polish


If any of my fellow nail polish lovers are like me and are sick of shatter and crackle polishes, then this nail polish is for you! I’ve been dying to try magnetic polish ever since I read about it a few months ago. Today the urge was so strong that I just sucked it up and ran out in the rain to my nearest Sephora to pick some up. And I’m sooo glad I did!

I bought the Nails Inc. Magnetic Polish in Trafalgar Square, which is a gray metallic with a hint of shimmer. This product is super easy to use (even for the ladies out there that don’t have a steady hand or do not have patience when it comes to nail art), and it creates an effect that ensures you get complements all day long. It’s definitely the perfect nail art. I love love love it and I can’t wait to get the Houses of Parliament shade!!

Nails Inc. Magnetic Polish Tutorial

1. Remove all prior polish with nail polish remover.
2. Apply one thin coat of magnetic nail polish to all your nails.
3. Next, apply a thicker coat of polish to the first nail. To create the magnetic effect, hold the cap that contains the magnet as close as you can to the nail without touching it to the nail (there is a small lip on the cap that should be placed over your cuticle, allowing the magnet to be positioned perfectly onto your nail without touching it).
4. Hold the cap there for about 20 seconds.
5. Repeat on all nails, one at a time to ensure the polish does not dry.
6. Apply a top coat to seal in the design!
7. Voila! Gorgeous and easy!!

* Make sure you apply a thick layer of polish to the nail when you are ready to do the magnetic effect. I’ve found the thicker the coat of polish, the better the design.
* This polish chips easily! Make sure you apply a top coat!
* This polish is very quick drying, which is great for girls on the go.
* Make sure you let the magnet stay for about 20 seconds before moving it to look at the effect. Once you move it, it messes up the final effect.

How do you guys feel about magnetic polish? Are you going to try it?

– Cher


5 Responses to “Product Review: Nails Inc. Magnetic Polish”

  1. 1 Jess

    I’ve been meaning to pick up a bottle of this at Sephora! I’m so glad you like it. I may just run out tonight and pick it up. I’m thinking the Houses of Parliament would look great 🙂 Thanks for the tips!!

  2. 2 Monika

    Yes, I am a sucker for trendy things…..I will be trying it sooner then later!!! I did see your and loved the work of art!

  3. I saw this at Sephora a couple of weeks ago and was very intrigued…but I have entirely too much polish right now to invest in more. The effect is very cool – kind of looks like the pattern on chinchilla fur!

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