Product Review: Michael Kors Gold Perfume


I am a fragrance junkie. I’m always excited to see the last few drops of perfume at the bottom of a bottle simply because it means I get to try out something new. I tend to pick fragrances that are floraly, at the same time, seasonally appropriate. I like a stronger bouquet in the winter and a light, airy bouquet in the summer.

Releasing the aroma from the sample sheet for Michael Kors’ Gold in his Winter 2012 catalog was a sure sign that I would be purchasing this scent. My Sephora goodies arrived the other day and I am amped to have this fragrance as my winter scent!

Scent: Tuberose, Freesia, Magnolia, Violet, Peppery Peony, Ambergris

Feel: Glamourous, seductive and girly

Staying Power: From initial application post work out at 7:30 am, the scent was still very much on my come lunch time, can’t say the same for the end of my work day. I freshen up with a spritz or two at lunch time, that carries me through the close of my day.

Bottom line… was it worth $75?
I personally think perfumes are crazy expensive but they’re a necessary evil for me. This fragrance is slightly reminiscent of MK’s signiture scent but with a slight twist to it. I love everything about this purchase, down to the tiny gold flecks within the liquid itself. Surely worth the money spent on it.

What’s your fave winter scent? Any suggestions for me?


5 Responses to “Product Review: Michael Kors Gold Perfume”

  1. I didn’t know MK has a new frag out – will have to try this one, as I was a big fan of Very MK (and a mild fan of the original MK). I also try to go for meatier scents in the cooler months but I’m more of a floriental/gourmand fan, so I gravitate toward D&G’s The One, Hanae Mori Butterfly and my top winter favorite, YSL’s Belle D’Opium. They’re all pretty sweet and strong but lovely.

  2. 3 Lorraine

    Hi Lauren~ I like so many but I smelled Stella ( by Stella McCartney) and it was wonderful!

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