Call Me in the Cold


Being able to walk everywhere in Boston is so invigorating. I love not stressing about parking or traffic, and it does wonders for my carbon footprint. However, winter is right on the horizon and my “walk everywhere” days start to get a tad more painful…

Luckily, great winter accessories can be found everywhere and somewhat help with the bitter cold. One winter accessory that I am currently searching for are great gloves that work with touchscreen phones. Since I’m always on the go and always available for my work, family, and friends, cute gloves that work with my iPhone are a necessity. Texting, calling, and web surfing are so much easier (and warmer!) with these gloves.

Here are a few of my favorite touchscreen glove finds that will work with all smartphones, iPhones and Androids included:

1. Leather Echo Touch glove, $48

2. Quilted Driver Echo Touch glove, $35

3. The North Face ‘E-Tip’ Gloves, $40

4. Burberry Ribbed Cashmere Touch Glove, $215

What kind of winter accessories get you through the winter?

– Cher


5 Responses to “Call Me in the Cold”

  1. 1 Tara

    I need those tourqoiuse gloves!

  2. 2 Lorraine

    I love these gloves!

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