All I Want for Christmas… Siblings


Lauren’s Picks for Siblings…Sisters
My sister and I may be 9 years apart but we have so much in common as far as interests and hobbies go. It took her some time to get to be the girly girl she is today but watching her on her journey has been really special. We may fight like cats and well, cats. But we love one another the same way. Picking gifts for my sister is easy as pie because it’s like picking stuff out for myself.

1. Juicy Couture Spray Pen Set, $35.00

My sister is obsessed with Juicy Couture. This is a perfect sampler of Juicy’s scents small enough to take on the go.

2. Victoria’s Secret PINK PJ’s, prices vary

Like me, my sister loves her comfy clothes. And at 16 years old, she can rock “PINK” smacked across her butt, something I had to break out of a few years ago.

3. Swarovski Nocturne Filigree Ring, $125.00

Ever since I bought myself a Swarovski ring for college graduation, my sister drools at their jewelry every time we pass by a Swarovski store front. This ring is priced right and can carry her into adulthood since the ring is fresh without looking too young.

Lauren’s Picks for Siblings…Brothers
My brother is an awesome guy– he would do anything for anyone at any given time. All this awesomeness may stem from his unique taste in pretty much everything. He’s into zombies, what I like to call “Roar” death metal and anything black. All of that uniqueness makes for a difficult time picking out gifts.

1. Gap Full-zip raglan hoodie, $39.99

My brother would scoff at most clothing from the Gap. But this hoodie is super soft, warm and would blend into his closet.

2. Patriots Sideline Hat, $24.99

My brother loves football, more specifically, the Patriots. New Sideline hats come out every seasons so this item is a constant “must have” on his list.

3. Apple TV, $99.00

A technology and Apple lover’s dream. Apple TV is so neat and a more reasonably priced Apple product, when it comes to gift giving. Ramp up this gift with a NetFlix subscription and you have a happy brother!

What do you plan on getting your brother and sister this year?

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