Miss New Bootie


Fall/Winter 2011 in New England has been quite unpredictable this year. It’s only mid-November and already we’ve been hit with a mega hurricane and our first Nor’easter of the season. The last 2 weeks have been unseasonably (and disgustingly) warm for November, with temps reaching into the 60’s. I’ve been geared up for a month now to slip in and zip up my over the knee boots and riding boots. But when it’s 60 outside, it’s hard to make it through the day without over heating! Leaving me with no choice but to continue on wearing my booties for another few weeks.

I adore my booties, don’t get me wrong. And to prove my love check out my list of November in CT approved styles… hope you like them!

Fergie Gatsby Too Bootie,$79.95

Steve Madden Hastt Ankle Bootie, was $189.95, now $126.90

Messeca Charmene Bootie, was $179.95, now $119.90

Zigi Soho Stroll Bootie, $69.95

Vince Camuto Jerrell Bootie, was $138.95, now $89.90

Steve Madden Annnie Wedge Bootie, was $129.95, now $86.90

What shoes do you wear during inbetween seasonal months?


5 Responses to “Miss New Bootie”

  1. 1 Tara

    Is it me, or do those SoHo boots scream “me”?

  2. 4 Lorraine

    Now, if I was 20 something- I would wear every pair!

  3. Lol, I have to say I’m quite black and white. Doing transitional pieces has never been my strong point. I’ve owned my winter riding boots since August and worn them pretty much since then.
    Thank God they work as well with denim shorts as they do with winter woolies, so I’ve had it fairly easy.
    You’ve a great blog here and thanks for your comments.



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