Tutorial: Ombre Lips


Ombre lips have been popping up everywhere lately. Fall 2011 and Spring 2012 runway shows had ombre lips ranging from barely noticeable to over-the-top. I was most recently inspired by a saleswoman in the Neiman Marcus shoe department, who had red and burgundy ombre lips. The look was so daring that she paired it with very simple makeup and a ballerina bun. Perfection!

I decided to try this trend over the weekend by pairing two of my favorite lipsticks together in one look for an orange and pink ombre look (see below for the exact shades I wore). It was fabulous!

How to do ombre lips:

    1. Make sure your lips are properly scrubbed, prepped, and not chapped!
    2. I always start by lining my lips with a nude liner so I can color in with lipstick from there.
    3. Put on the darker shade of lipstick on the entire lip. However, when I do nude and pink ombre lips, I use nude all over the entire lip (which is the lighter color), so use your best judgment.
    4. Add the lighter shade in the center 1/3 part of the lip. You can use your finger or a lip brush. Be sure to lightly blend the edge of the colors together so the contrast isn’t too drastic.
    5. Apply a clear gloss in the center of the lips to make your lips appear full and shiny. Voila!

For a red and burgundy ombre lip look, try these shades: NARS Russian Doll + Afghan Red

For an orange and pink ombre look, try these shades: Revlon Orange Flip + Love That Pink

For a nude and pink ombre look (the most subtle of them all!), try these: MAC Hue + Pink Nouveau

Ombre hair, ombre nails, and now ombre lips. Are you going to try this look?

– Cher


3 Responses to “Tutorial: Ombre Lips”

  1. 1 Tara

    I’ll let you do it for me–on my lips, I mean 😉

  2. It’s seems dificult, I’ll try it!! 😉

  3. love the way this looks! beautiful 🙂 thanks for sharing!


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