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iPads, iPods, iPhones, NOOKs, and Kindles- we can all safely admit technology has changed the way we live and interact with one another. These devices have made communication amongst humans, near or far, seamless, easy and available anytime, anyplace. I’m completely guilty of being a part of the “iCult” (as my mom refers to Apple lovers/followers). But I have to admit, until recently I have been dead set against e-Readers.

Strolling through Barnes and Noble a few weeks ago was an enlightening experience for me. I spent some time playing with the new NOOK Tablet (way freakin cool!). After about 10 mins of seeing all it’s capabilities I decided I need one. But this isn’t a techie blog so let me get to the point.

One of the many great features of these tiny, technological miracles is the fact that it calls for dressings. Not bleu cheese or ranch but Kate Spade or Burberry! The covers put out for all these modern day marvels are stunning and deserve some attention.

Enjoy my faves for the iPad, Kindle and NOOK.

Tory Burch Stacked Logo iPad Case, $195

Lodis Paradise Dallas iPad Case, $228

kate spade new york neoprene iPad sleeve, $50


Juicy Couture Ed to the Stars Nook E-Reader Case, $58

Kate Spade City Lights Cover, $79

Kate Spade Saffiano Leather in Pewter, $89

Abas Newbury Croc Embossed Kindle Case, $78

Do you accessorize your eReader?


4 Responses to “Cover Story”

  1. I am a total convert after getting a Kindle as a gift – I thought I would miss books, but the ease of downloading anything I want and the free classics are just great, I love my Kindle! Possibly the best present i could have asked for 🙂 Now I’m off to read your ideas on boyfriend gifts, I am SO STUCK on this one!!!

  2. I’m still on the anti-e-reader soapbox, but the accessories for them are so lucrative — love all your finds! My friend and I were at the C. Wonder store a couple of weeks ago and she picked up the cutest leopard print iPad cover… I feel so 2008 with my measly little netbook! 😉

    • lol, I love technology don’t get me wrong. But I think the art of hand writing things is being lost and it makes me a little sad and scared for upcoming generations!
      ❤ Lauren

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