All I Want for Christmas… Stocking Stuffers


Can you believe Christmas Eve is only 8 short days away? With prep time dwindling we want to address the little things about Christmas people tend to scramble for last minute. You got it, stocking stuffers! Check out some great options– all under $30!

Lauren’s Picks
My stocking tends to be my most favorite part about Christmas as far as gifts are concerned. My stocking is always filled with precious goodies, and sweets thanks to my wonderful mom. You can almost say my stocking is a direct and small reflection of what I love and what I’m about in life. Here are some items I wouldn’t mind unwrapping in my white, faux fur lined stocking this holiday:

1. Anastasia Brow Duality Pencil, $23

This great pencil is already in my makeup bag (but refills never hurt right?). The Brow Duality pencil is a life saver! Instantly brightening up your eyes/face and alleviating those dark circles, this little treasure is a must for the glam girl or the bare-faced beauty.

2. Bath & Body Works Accessories Mistle-toes Shea Infused Lounge Socks, $5

I would need a pair sans shea due to my allergies but I wanted to showcase them anyhow. Great on a cold day, nubby grips at the bottom so you don’t slide all over the hardwood floor- these socks rock!!

3. Godiva Dark Chocolate Mint Pearls Tin, $22 for 6 pack

Godiva, need I say more? These little pearls pack a great chocolately-mint flavor (my all time fave combo). Plus they’re tiny enough to keep in your purse. Pop a few in your mouth to curb your craving without feeling guilty!

4. nails inc. Colour Collection – Neutral, $25

nails inc is my new OPI! I am currently living and breathing for the marvelous products they put out. I love this pack of polishes, you can never go wrong with a neutral nail.

5. TWEEZERMAN Charmed Slant Tweezer – Lucky Elephant, $28

Anyone who knows me is well aware of my undying love of elephants- such a majestic, graceful and powerful creature. These tweezers are another item to add to my already extensive elephant collection of girl essentials. I aboslutely adore these!

Cher’s Picks

1. Diptyque Figuier Mini Candle, $28

What an indulgent gift! Diptyque makes the best candles around, and this fig tree scent is one of my favorites!

2. Poppy Sleep Mask, Elizabeth W. $22

Who doesn’t love to sleep?! This sleep mask is great for flights or hotels, or even if you just want to sleep a little later on the weekends. And it’s super pretty too!

3. Dr. Scholl’s “Fast Flats,” $9.99

This is a perfect stocking stuffer for the lady who loves heels but needs a little relief from them at the end of the night on the walk home (when you can’t get a cab!). Cute, practical, and compact!

4. Glitter iPhone Case, J.Crew $25

I love J.Crew’s iPhone cases! They offer a great pop of color or sparkle to the otherwise black or white existing iPhone hardware. This is certainly a great stocking gift for the gals who are attached to their phones.

5. Le Vernis Nail Colour in Pirate (08) or Ballerina (167), Chanel $25

All girls deserve a classic nail polish in a classic shade, so look no further than Chanel for the polish gift that keeps on giving. Chanel nail polish in either a classic red or light pink is sure to be a hit!

What are you hoping to see in your stocking?
-Lauren and Cher

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5 Responses to “All I Want for Christmas… Stocking Stuffers”

  1. You guys have the best wishlists/gift guides out of any blog or mag I’ve seen all year! Love it. Thanks for the great gift ideas – I’ve knocked off 3 people off my “what can I possibly get her?” list! 🙂

  2. What a great compliment, and we are always glad to help! Thank you! ❤ – Cher

  3. Excellent selection, you should be doing this for a magazine.

  4. 5 Lorraine

    You both rock:) I agree, you need to write this for a magazine!

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