Product Review: China Glaze 2011 Holiday Hues


I’ve been eyeing China Glaze’s “Let It Snow” Holiday 2011 collection for quite some time now. All the shades are gorgeous not only for fun and festive Holiday nails but great to get over your winter blues with pops of rich red, pine green, glittering gold, frosty white and silver, and bright blue. The colors are devine!

I purchased:
Icicle- a metallic, chrome silver
Blue Year’s Eve- a beautiful shade of cerulean (which has been my fave crayola crayon since childhood)
Snow Globe- chunky, white, statement-making glitter top coat

Check out how beautiful these colors are!

Colors: There is not one shade I wouldn’t wear from this collection. I want ALL OF THEM! 5 our of 5 stars
Price: I buy most of my polishes at discount/wholesale beauty stores. If this isn’t an option for you, Amazon typically retails brands like OPI and China Glaze cheaper than you would pay at a regular store. 5 out of 5 stars
Staying Power: This is where my temper flares when it comes to doing my nails, not even 4 hours in and the tops are chipped. But it could be because I’m rough on my hands and don’t wear gloves when I wash dishes. 3 out of 5 stars

Overall: I’ll be running back to Cosmo Prof first chance I get to snatch up more of these precious polishes before the holidays are here. What’s not to love about them?

Which colors do you want from this collection?



2 Responses to “Product Review: China Glaze 2011 Holiday Hues”

  1. 1 Tracy t

    I’m wearing the new green one currently and am in love!

  2. I never heard of China Glaze before but I love these silvers and blues you’ve picked out! All these colors look so wearable (and make me want to go ice skating!) 🙂

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