That’s a Wrap!


Gloves, hats, cold weather fabrics and winter white are all crucial to surviving a New England winter in style. I spent the first half of my life complaining about the cold but over the last few years, I’ve really started to embrace, and dare I say, love it! Even on those bitter cold, jack frost nipping at your nose 20 degree days, I manage a spring in my step thanks to some fab winter exclusive accessories and wardrobe components.

The scarf is no exception here. I love the fact that scarves have recently been made an all year accessory depending upon the fabric but I want to get back to their origin- keeping your neck warm when it’s blustery and brisk outside!

Here are some of my must have scarves for this winter:

J Crew Refined silk-cashmere wrap, $75

Cashmere and cold, like oreos and milk or pickles and a fryer. Meant for each other and made even more luxe by this beautful bright pink color. Surely you won’t be missed in a snow storm!

Gap Leopard cowlneck scarf, $29.95

Abstract leopard print in neutrals make this scarf an everyday piece. Who says fashion can’t meet function and comfort?

Michael Kors Oversized Infinity Scarf, $68

I adore infinitiy scarves and stripes make everything better!

Forever 21 Plaid Woven Scarf, $15.80

I’m a total sucker for a classic plaid print like this one. It reminds me of the holidays for some reason and never gets played out. This one is even light enough to wear inside to add some plaid pizazz to a basic tee or sweater.

Michael Kors MK Stripe Hooded Neckwarmer, $98

I recieved a similar MK neckwarmer for Christmas last year. At first I was hesitant to see how it would look and function in my life. It’s become one of my go to pieces for the winter. A scarf to protect your neck and a hood to protect your head/hair from the snow, all in one piece. Genius!

Forever 21 Fair Isle Scarf, was $12.80 now $8

This print screams warm and cozy and I love every second of it!

Winter, love it or leave it. You can’t deny the fab accessories it calls for… what’s your fave?

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