BRUSH Up on This…


When it comes to hair and make up, the tools you use make all the difference. I’m not talking price, I’m talking about cleanliness and replacing your stock. Using your brushes day in and day out, you can forget to clean them or can’t quite remember when you purchased them last (gross but true). I’ve been doing some research on this matter. My make up brushes touch my face daily and I want to make sure I’m not spreading germs or contaminating my skin with anything. Afterall, what’s the point in having a flawless make up application if your skin is germ ridden?

Here’s what I found out when it comes to hair combs & brushes and make up brushes & applicators.


Sephora Wide Tooth Comb, $4

Working in a hair salon from age 16-21, I was always scolded for taking a brush to my wet hair. Those 5 years of being scorned finally changed my ways. Brushing wet hair is bad, combing wet hair is good. And since I comb my hair on a daily basis, I usually replace my comb every few months. Think about it: a comb only costs $5 tops. And it’s the first thing that touches your clean hair (aside from a towel). Why not spend the $30 a year (that’s 8 cents per use) to keep your tresses clean?

Hair Brush
Sephora Paddle Brush, $29

I’ve always been a big fan of conair hair brushes. I have treated myself a few times to expensive ones like this one and I don’t really notice any difference. With that said, be sure to clean the hair out from your brush as often as possible. If there is other crud on there like residual product, you cna soak the brush in a sink of hot water to extend the life. Similar to a comb, you should replace a hair brush every few months. A Conair brush averages at $8, so that’s about 13 cents per daily use.

Make-up Brushes

Sephora Smoky Eye Brush Set, $42

Sephora Slim Essential Brush Set, $39

Mary Kay Brush Collection, $48

I personally despise parting with $50 to purchase a decent set of make-up brushes. Unfortunately, doing this is a necessary evil. And in thinking about it, $50 is on the low end of retail prices for a set of make-up brushes. Other sets can go for up to $200! I clean my brushes daily with Sephora’s Daily Brush cleaner. But I also do a bi-weekly overhaul cleaning to my make-up brushes using plenty of hot water and Dial soap. This does the trick for about 6 months, then I find it’s time to replace my brushes. So if I had to break it down on daily usage it equals about 27 cents. Not really something worth complaining over right?

Sephora Daily Brush Cleaner, $6

These are more guidelines than they are solid rules. If you don’t use your brushes daily, they will have a longer life span. It also depends on the amount of make up you wear (and therefor have to clean out). I have no problem parting with $50 for a beautiful, new eye shadow palette but for some reason, $50 on a set of make-up brushes makes me cringe. Doing this post just serves as little reminder that it’s all relevant.

Do you have an tricks on cleaning your brushes to lengthen the life span? Please share!


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