BANANAS for Blazers


I’ve learned a plethora fashion do’s, dont’s and faux pas over my many years of watching my beloved Stacy London and Clinton Kelly on “What Not to Wear.” But as I think back on the one main lesson I’ve gathered, it revolves are completer pieces- specifically jackets and blazers. Blazers are an essential in every girl’s closet. I think it best to have a handful of this article you can throw on over anything (even that old tee shirt), walk out the door and feel just as fab as you would if you spent 15 mins putting your outfit together.

It’s taken me several years to put together the perfect array of completer blazers and jackets to add polish and sophistication to any outfit. My choices consist of: a classic black blazer from Express, black and white pin stripe blazer from H&M, nautical inspired navy and gold blazer compliments of Forever 21, a purpley grey ruffle blazer/jacket from Gap and a cream cotton blazer from Ralph Lauren. When embarking on your blazer journey, don’t get frustrated. Like I said, it took me several years to complete my collection and I’ve learned that you have to let the perfect blazer find you. Color, cut, fit, versatility, fabric and quality are all factors to consider; quite the check list, isn’t it?!

Whether you’re just started to build your blazer collection or are almost done, here are some great options to consider adding. Hope you dig ’em!


Express blazers fit in all the right places! I am a workout-aholic, leaving me with a slightly built upper body. This blazer de-emphasizes what I need it to while accentuating my curves. Plus the color on this one is so rich and chic!

Aqua Blazer – Color Block Girlfriend Blazer, $108

Color block is such a huge trend right now but I think this blazer has what it takes to transcend the trend and pull through for years to come. I am certainly considering adding this piece to my wardrobe!

Wool Blend Plaid Blazer, $44.80

Cold winter months in New England are all about the plaid! I love, love, love plaid prints in all colors. Channel your inner (more delicate, and stylish) lumber jack in this rich blazer.

H&M Blazer, $34.95

Nothing says “hey sailor!” quite like this darling, blue and white striped blazer. Great for the spring and summer or all year if you live in a warmer climate, this blazer can do major work in your outfit pairings.

Abstract Floral Print Blazer, $24.80

Another great option for spring time, this Japanese inspired floral print is just so lovely. It’s super fem but could be made more girly with a ruffle top or sweet dress under it.

Sequined Sleeve Blazer, $32.90

How can it be a good day without a little hint of sparkle in your outfit? This blazer is great for nights out with the girls, dinner with your man or even an after hours work event. Pretty and personality packed into one amazing piece!

What article of clothing do you use as a completer piece?


6 Responses to “BANANAS for Blazers”

  1. 1 Tara

    I am so buying that H&M one!!! Love it!!

  2. I loooove your blazer picks! Blazers really are a long-term search mission: there’s so much to consider with style and fit and everything. I have a ton of blazers, but most of them don’t have the optimal fit or style. I wish someone would make something that’s between the de rigeuer hip-length blazer (that looks almost cropped on me because I’m top-heavy) and the ultra-schlocky boyfriend blazer….I think the Aqua girlfriend color block blazer might do the trick! 🙂

    My 2 completer pieces are scarves and belts. Some accessories are so important that they transform an entire outfit! Oh, and riding boots. They magically make any outfit look better.

    • Thanks lady! The Aqua one is my fave for sure, I’m holding out as long as I can in hopes of a sale.

      Scarves, belts and riding boots are a must for me too. Instant polish and endless possibilities! ❤ Lauren

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