Winter Garden Party


For the last 6 months I’ve been sporting a more subtle, neutral eye look (right around the time I discovered the NAKED and NAKED2 palettes from UD). I still love these palettes dearly but I find myself getting a little restless with my redundant repertiore of browns, nudes, beiges, and greys. Time to reintroduce some color back into my face and life!

All my previous eye palettes contain a plethora of bright, bold hues to make my brown eyes pop. But lately I’m loving a pop of color on the softer side of the spectrum- pastels baby! These shades remind me of a winter garden, lightly frosted in snow but still very much alive and vibrant.

Check out some of the pretty pastel shades I’m looking to add to my collection:

Urban Decay Shadow in Grifter, $17

Description: Sparkling pale purple
I’ve used this shadow before, if I could bathe in it, I would. The color is soooo gorgeous. I refer to this shadow as my “fairy tale” eye shadow.

NARS Shadow in Baby Girl, $23

Description: Cotton candy pink with gold flecks
This shade I’ve yet to try but it looks so delicate, romantic and soft.

Too Faced Shadow in Nice Stems, $18

Description: Golden clover.
What garden is complete without greenery? I love this shade because it mixes grass green with gold flecks, so pretty!

MAC Shadow Chrome Yellow, $15

Description: Vivid, bright yellow, matte.
Yellows with golden undertones I always find more complementary to my skin tone. This one is a great mix between goldenrod and yellow.

Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Palette – Angeles, $15

– Venus (shimmer bronze)
– Leather (matte dark chocolate brown)
– Specimen (pearly medium brown)
– Rehab (pearly beige)
– Peggy (pearly turquoise)
– Bukowski (pearly aqua)
– Bellbottom (pearly slate blue)
– Morphine (cream iridescent white)

I love this palette for the pretty blues and great highlight options.

What pale/pastel shadows do you love? Have any suggestions for me?


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