Product Review: nails inc. Westminster Bridge Matte Effect Top Coat


nails inc. has become one of my favorite product lines, constantly blowing my mind with new nail innovations for the nail art challenged (like myself). Hey, we can’t all have steady hands like Cher who keeps making me drool with her sophisticated, ever girly and sometimes daring nail art!

OPI did a matte polish line a few years back. Although I never bought any, I’ve always been keen on the idea. A girl needs options! I purchased the nails inc. matte top coat because it’s not just one polish but can be put over any color to maximize bang for my buck (never fails to entice me). For just $10, I had to check it out.

One to five stars (one being the lowest, five being the highest)

Application: Apply one coat of this top coat over 2 coats of regular polish, matte, sparkly, shiny or otherwise. Easy to apply. 5 stars.

Effect & Versatility: Making polishes of all finishes matte. I’ve been trying out sample colors to pair with this top coat; Eiffel for this Color by OPI (a mostly matte color), Ali’s Big Break by OPI (polish avec glitter and shine) and Aphrodite’s Pink Nightie by OPI (a shimmery, iridescent pink). This top coat is super noticeable over already matte colors. When apply over something with some more shine to it, it’s almost a waste of the paint. But I guess glitter was never meant to be matte! 4 stars.

Cost: $10, not bad for a one polish that is a game changer for many others. 5 stars.

Staying Power: This polish has incredible staying power! My top coat, thus polish, always chips within hours of application. My nails remained intact and almost perfect for a few days after application! 5 stars.

Bottom Line: If you want an alternative look for your current polishes, this top coat is for you. I love glitter as much as the next girl but I get sick of chipping off the flecks piece by piece when I’m ready for a new look. This top coat is so fuss, easy to use and fun to enjoy!

How do you feel about matte nails? Will you be purchasing this product?

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