Organization Equals Style


A lovely friend of mine recommended this topic idea to me and it is certainly perfect timing as I continue to organize my closet and all its (many) components. Melissa’s work motto is “Organization promotes effectiveness,” which could totally translate to “Organization promotes trendiness” when applied to your closet.

Organizing your clothes, shoes, jewelry, scarves, and bags is totally essential to get the maximum use out of everything in your closet… so why do we continue to stuff shirts in drawers and store our gorgeous bags on the top shelf of a closet? Show it all off instead! I’m in the process of organizing my closet to showcase 90% of my wardrobe. I have very little, besides workout clothes, sleep clothes, and sweatshirts, hidden in drawers and storage. The rest of my clothes, bags, and jewelry are all displayed nicely in my “woman cave” a.k.a. my large, previously very unorganized, closet space.

Here are some of my favorite pieces to get organized once and for all:

Hannah Jewelry Tree Stand, Bed, Bath, & Beyond $19.99

I love hanging my costume jewelry on a tree… it makes everything accessible so I can easily match items to my outfit du jour.

Etched Mirrored Trays, Elizabeth’s Embellishments $18.95 for two

I love, love, love mirrored trays. I typically use these for my expensive jewelry! And this set comes with two – I’d use the other one to display my pretty perfume bottles, like I do in my bathroom.

Baby Elephant Ring Holder, Now $18.50

What a great way to always have your favorite rings at your fingertips…literally! This cute elephant ring holder holds a bunch of rings and looks adorable too!

Old World Map Wooden Small Trunk Box, Amazon $29.99

I put all of my pashminas and scarves into a Parisian style trunk… digging through it makes me feel like I’m uncovering secret treasures!

Expandable Wood Wall Rack (AKA Purse Hanger!), Wholesale Lots Now $25.20

Expandable wall racks are a super practical way to show off your purses! And they also mean less space taken up in your closet!

Of course, there are many do-it-yourself and budget ways to organize. For instance, wire mesh hung on a wall could be perfect for holding your pretty stud earrings. Or pretty teacups from the vintage store could double as lipstick holders. I have a tall, glass, cylinder vase that is perfect for my nail polishes. The possibilities are endless!

Let’s hear your ideas for maximum wardrobe organization! Do you have any do-it-yourself tips that you want to share?

– Cher


4 Responses to “Organization Equals Style”

  1. Oooh I’ve been working on an organization post too! I’m dying to make a wire mesh frame for earrings, even though I already have the BB&B tree and a couple of other jewelry organizers (the tree is really great, by the way). Another fun idea is to extend two wires or ribbons or something sturdy across an empty frame and secure in the back, using the wires as a display for sunglasses. This is actually my next diy project. Inspired by another great blogger, Sage Mag, who uses pretty shoe boxes for accessory storage, I save pretty boxes from fragrance gift sets and keep my silk scarves and clunkier statement necklaces organized in them. I also highly recommend a hanging belt rack (it’s a hanger with a few big metal hoops). For cocktail dresses that don’t get much frequent wear, I recommend taking up to 8 of them and folding them on a trouser multi-bar hanger- it saves a ton of closet space and keeps the dresses in one place.

  2. I just organized my jewelry on my bathroom counter. It’s so less stressful when you can find what you are looking for.

  3. 3 Lorraine

    I love the trunk!

  4. Your piece came at just the right moment. I really appreciate it! Thank you.

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