Nail Rings


Jewelry is ideal for dressing up your neck, wrists, and ears. Yet sometimes, designers push the envelope and try to get consumers to wear jewelry in other places. In the 90s, belly chains showed up to help accentuate the middrift shirts that became so popular. And I remember seeing some punk rockers sporting some ear-to-nose chains in London a few years ago. And of course, body jewelry for noses, tongues, belly buttons, and countless other places on the body have always been popular amongst young(er) crowds.

Now, enter the nail ring. A nail ring is basically a ring worn at the end of the finger that covers one of your nails. Nail jewelry has been around for awhile and graced the fingertips of Edward Scissorhands, Lady Gaga, and even more recently, Emily Shuman from Cupcakes & Cashmere. For me, the verdict is still out as to if these are practical enough to dress up an outfit or if they just look awkward and a bit too over the top… so I’ll let you help me judge.

Here are some nail rings that I might consider:

Far Out Fingernail Ring, Etsy $100

BJ by Jules Kim Short Nail Ring, Urban Outfitters

Filigree Tip Double Ring, Topshop $25

Bow Crown Ring, Nasty Gal $40

The Come Hither Claw, Miss Wax Now $65

So, what do you all think? Yay or nay on the nail jewelry?!

– Cher


2 Responses to “Nail Rings”

  1. Hahah you know I just saw C&C’s post featuring the nail ring and I couldn’t decide what I thought of it either! I like it but I don’t identify with it. It’s just a bit much. To summarize it GSB-style, it’s extraneous extravagance for your extremities. All that said, the bird claw is hilarious and I’d totally wear it to a disco-themed party 🙂

  2. 2 Lorraine

    Cherie~ we wore these in the 80’s- It’s a Yaaaaaaaaaaay from your 80’s mother xo

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