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Coral Me Happy


Looks like coral is back for another round this upcoming season. And seeing as how it is the most universally flattering color on women everywhere, I’m stoked about it! I’ve never really been a fan of myself in red. Naturally, when coral first hit the scene I was a little hesitant to dive into this […]

I think these may be my most fun nails yet! I call them “Galaxy Nails” but they could also pass for Nebula Nails, Black Hole Nails, Cosmic Nails… the nerdier the name, the better. Like all of the other nail looks I love to do, including cheetah nails, ink dipped nails, and ombre nails, the […]


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Here it is! Two swatches from the HIGHLY anticipated China Glaze Hunger Games collection – the collection that literally needs no introduction. We are huge fans of the books series & even bigger lovers of unique polish shades, so for us this was a match made in polish heaven. The Capital…

Similar to the finding right shapewear or the perfect Victoria’s Secret push up bra, starting with the right building blocks of beauty is this girl’s prerogative. And it should be yours too! Good primers are hard to come by. When you find one that works for you, stick with it and pray to the beauty […]

Reese Witherspoon has always flown low on the radar. While cute in Sweet Home Alabama and commendable for all her charity work with breast cancer, she’s not what you would call an “attention commander.” That is until 2 weeks ago, upon seeing the newest issue of Elle. Wow, what happend to cute Melanie Carmichael? And […]



Apparently, I am more of a fan of neons than I originally thought. A few weeks ago, I talked about my favorite neon blazers, and since then I’ve found myself obsessively fawning over more neon treats. I guess my love of these bright colors stems from being a child of the 80’s – I was […]

Safari Chic


Year after year, season after season, trends fall in and out of fashion. They come in with a bang and exit with the speed of Heidi Klum stomping her last few strides down the catwalk. With confusion around what’s in and what’s out, sometimes I wonder: are trends worth the investment? The answer I’ve come […]

We’ve been hearing about the Marni for H&M since November, but the collaboration is finally launching in a few weeks (March 8th to be exact)! H&M’s last designer collaboration was Versace for H&M late last year, and even though I’m still waiting to get my hands on that one darn belt, I think the Marni […]

One of the strongest beauty bonds Cher and I share is our undisputable obessesion with eye shadow. The colors, the pigments, the layering, the technique… oh the joy and endless options! I’ll never forget one of my first trips to Sephora (Boca Raton Mall with Cherie circa a handful of years ago). That very trip […]

Maybe we’re saps, but Lauren and I love a good chick flick. Whether it be ‘The Notebook,’ ‘The Last Song,’ or any Lifetime movie, we totally get into love stories – just give us some tissues and we’re good! Last week, ‘The Vow’ was released in theaters and although neither of us has seen it […]