Tote-ally Lust Worthy


Lauren and I are self-proclaimed “bag hags.” We tend to buy larger-than-life purses that fit our whole lives within them, should there be some sort of natural disaster or zombie apocalypse. You never know when snacks, makeup, dry shampoo, brushes, a Nalgene water bottle, gloves, seventeen shades of lip gloss, pens, and a notebook will come in handy, after all. Laur, wouldn’t it be fun to do a “What’s in your purse?” post together one day soon?

During the workweek, when we are lugging our lunches, laptops (albeit a 2 lb. Macbook Air on my end), and all the aforementioned items, we certainly need bags that do all the heavy lifting for us – and what’s better than a tote! In this budget-conscious Friday series, we will show you some of our favorite totes and large carryall bags, all for $50 or less!

Cher’s Picks

Pocket Tote Bag, ASOS £25.00

Cooler Climates Brown Canvas and Vegan Leather Handbag, Lulu’s $41

Volcom Caught on a Yacht Bag, Zappos $49.50

Lauren’s Picks

Deena & Ozzy Chain Tote, $49

Michael Stars Calypso Stripe, $41.99

Beach Bum Striped Canvas Tote, $38

Want more “on a budget” finds?
Check out our picks for scarves, bracelets, nail polishes and hair accessories!

-Lauren and Cher


One Response to “Tote-ally Lust Worthy”

  1. the first bag is so cute- you can never go wrong with asks. i love your blog so much, i just recently started my own blog and would love to hear feedback and comments about it! thanks so much for your inspiration and dedication to your blog


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