Leather Love


Leather has been reinvented time and time again to keep it fresh and an essential in every woman’s closet. A great leather jacket never fails! Nor does a fitted leather vest or my new personal fave, high waisted leather shorts (thank you H&M). I wore them recently on a night out with my friends, check them out!

Here are my rules for wearing leather (and looking damn good doing so):
1. A little goes a long way: look for leather details like leather straps avec buckles in pieces.
2. Let it be your inspiration. Try matte finish polishes in shades of nude, butter or black. Or neutral, matte eye shadows.
3. Swing with the seasons. Leather is an all year, wearable fabric (unless it’s 90 degrees and humid out). Experiement with different articles to carry you through the year- shorts, leggings, jackets, vests, tees and so many more!
4. Faux vs. Fake. Go for richer looking faux leather over plastic-y, non-plyable fake leather items.
5. Accessorize! Integrate leather band watches or wrap leather bracelets to spice up every day emsembles.
6. Pleather need not apply. Let Vince Neil keep his pants to remember those glory days of Crue.
7. Moderation is key. Don’t go head to toe, talk about biker babe. Pick one piece and pair with girly embellishments and playful patterns.
8. Reinvent: get that tough, rough and burly image out of your head. Dare to wear it to work.

How do you wear leather?


4 Responses to “Leather Love”

  1. 1 Lorraine

    Who are these two gorgeous women!!! Oh, it’s Renata and Lauren- ! You look fab and I love this post!

  2. OK so I agree with absolutely everything (and now I am obsessively searching for the perfect matte greige nail polish and black leather shorts) except I would TOTALLY rock shiny PVC leggings like a bad 80s hair metal rock star 🙂

  1. 1 Spring Ahead in your Current Wardrobe- Leather Edition « eyeblinkfashion

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