Gush of the Week: Christina Aguilera Sparkles


Happy Friday everyone! We’ve decided to try something a litte different for our next set of Friday features. We love divulging our faves in the realms of fashion and beauty or providing (what we hope are) helpful product reviews; however, we’ve left out a major component of ourselves in the last 6 months (how time flies) of blogging- CELEBS! Eyeblinkfashion will not become a celeb rag sheet full of gossip -doesn’t the blogosphere have enough of those? But why not dish on some pretty amazing celeb styles going on in the world right now?

As many of you know, season 2 of The Voice premiered this week. Aside from the scrumptious Adam Levine piquing our interest, who really stole the show (and always does) is Miss Christina Aguilera* The platinum powerhouse sported some spectacular sparkles on her eyes that left us speechless. It was tough to find good shots of her eye make up close enough to “WOW” you but you can always check out the premiere to get the full effect.

-Lauren and Cher

*DISCLAIMER: Christina has been Lauren’s “girl crush” since the days of “What a Girl Wants.” Opening this feature series with Xtina’s mesmerizing shimmer shadow was a no brainer. Stay tuned, Cher’s love for Britney will surely surface.


2 Responses to “Gush of the Week: Christina Aguilera Sparkles”

  1. I was working out and flipping through the channels the other day, and seeing Christina’s sparkly shadow made me almost drop my kettlebell: she looked so pretty on The Voice with all that glitter! It makes me so happy that the full-on glitter shadow look lives on! 🙂

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