Product Review: Kat Von D Shady Bronzer


If I (for some hellish reason) were ever limited to one cosmetic product in my beauty bag for the rest of my days, I would choose bronzer. For those who know me, it’s a given and extremely obvious answer.

When it comes to this magnificent, insta-beauty product, I’m willing to try any and every bronzer under the sun. Some of my faves from the pharmacy are Covergirl Mineral bronzer and Revlon ColorStay bronzer. When it comes to a bigger bronzer budget, I favor NARS Laguna, Too Faced bronzers and Bobbi Brown bronzing block. These 3 bronzers come with a steep price tag, all around $30 or more. Ouch!

Finding Kat Von D’s Shady bronzer was like finding a needle in hay stack. The color is very similar to NARS Laguna and the price tag reflects a negative $14 difference! SOLD!

Here’s the skinny on this diamond in the rough:
(one to five stars, one being lowest, five being highest)

Color: If you love that fresh from Aruba look that NARS Laguna gives you, Kat’s Shady bronzer will leave you vacation happy. The color is pretty spot on- a rich, toasted brown with subtle flecks of gold. The finish leaves you matte, not shiny or metallic looking. 5 stars
Application: With this bronzer, a little goes a long way. Just a few brush strokes on the color block, and your face is alive and bronzed all day long. 5 stars
Price: For $22 you get a great bronzer, decent brush and a nice mirror. Although I use my regular bronzer brush, this set is a good deal. And while $22 is a little steep for bronzer, this bronzer kicks my pharmacy picks’ butts! However, if you can live without bronzer, this product (and price point) may not be for you. Because of that, I’ll give price 4 stars.

Final Score: 4.5 stars



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