Gush of the Week: Rachel McAdams Bangin Bangs


Maybe we’re saps, but Lauren and I love a good chick flick. Whether it be ‘The Notebook,’ ‘The Last Song,’ or any Lifetime movie, we totally get into love stories – just give us some tissues and we’re good! Last week, ‘The Vow’ was released in theaters and although neither of us has seen it yet (I’m planning to drag my boyfriend this weekend for a late Valentine’s Day treat!), we totally fell in love with Rachel McAdams’ newest hairstyle at the premiere.

Besides that gorgeous sky blue Vivienne Westwood gown, Rachel was rocking a flawless matte red lip, blonde locks, and freshly cut bangs to complete the look. We personally love her new look and her bangs frame her face so beautifully. Lauren and I both had bangs once upon a time, but Rachel almost makes me want to cut some again. Check out Rachel’s bangs below and let us know if you’re feeling the look!

Rachel’s newest ‘do:

Check out the complete look:

– Cher and Lauren


One Response to “Gush of the Week: Rachel McAdams Bangin Bangs”

  1. 1 Lorraine

    All I can say is WOW!

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