Do Eye Entice You?


One of the strongest beauty bonds Cher and I share is our undisputable obessesion with eye shadow. The colors, the pigments, the layering, the technique… oh the joy and endless options! I’ll never forget one of my first trips to Sephora (Boca Raton Mall with Cherie circa a handful of years ago). That very trip I purchased my first Urban Decay eye shadow (SWF) and suddenly life seemed a whole lot brighter (slight embellishment).

I feel this same sense of revitaliztion when the newest eye looks hit the runway at Fashion Week around the world. I love discovering what’s new, what’s hot and what I can’t live without. I’ve compiled some looks I’m currently lusting over, most appropriate for every day and a few that are complete fantasy.

Glitter Eyes
This look is my all time fave. Sadly, I don’t really live a glamourous enough life to indulge in this trend. Nevertheless, my love of this look lives on.

Smokey Eyes
Chic and classic. Perfect with purples or browns for a day at work or greys and blacks for a night out.

Like the right purse, shoes or nail varnish- pops of bright shadow can really make a statement. I love these bold, confidence exuding looks.

Enjoy this one now girls, unfortunately for most women as we age gracefully, our lids do the opposite. Thus making metallics a huge no no. Slather on that silver, gilde on the gold and baste yourself in bronze!

Which one is your fave?


2 Responses to “Do Eye Entice You?”

  1. Well I think you got it all covered there! (aside from those obscure, short-lived stick-on cheetah print eyeshadow discs Sephora had for a while — remember those?) Such a sad, true point about the transience of metallics: we must enjoy them while we’re still at the apex of youth!

    I love playing the fashion show guessing game too: just as clothes collections have a runway-to-real way progression, the models’ hair and makeup trends are subject to a similar tempering, and it’s fun to imagine how the edgy looks will get re-interpreted for day-to-day wear!

    • Oy, I have so many of those stick on things in my drawers at home. I credit those babies to Olivia from Jerseylicious, wonder if she wants my leftovers? hah -Lauren

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