Safari Chic


Year after year, season after season, trends fall in and out of fashion. They come in with a bang and exit with the speed of Heidi Klum stomping her last few strides down the catwalk. With confusion around what’s in and what’s out, sometimes I wonder: are trends worth the investment? The answer I’ve come across lately is no, unless they are “trends” condusive to your personal style asthetic. Enter the Safari trend.

When I think of Safari Chic my mind instantly goes to crisp, clean neutrals, pops of brights, raw materials like straw and hemp, cargo pants, bold, wooden accessories, animal prints, big, untamed hair, sun-kissed skin and metallic eyes and nails. I love everything about these words and looks. Like many of you, my personal style is eclectic. Maybe it’s my love of the wild and animals or my ability to make simple things shine but Safari has always felt like home to me.

Knowing Safari Chic is back for another season fills my heart with joy (although I would rock this style be it in or out). As I mentally scan my 2 closets at home, I realize I’m not quite as vested in this trend as I would like to be for the rapidly approaching spring season. Check out some pieces I’m looking into purchasing and as always, if you have any suggestions, fill me in!

Animal Button Front Shirtdress $92

MICHAEL Michael Kors Zip Safari Shirt, $89.50

Belted Cargo Pants, $52.46

Dollhouse Hedo Natural Cutout Lace-Up Booties, $38


Michael Kors ‘Santorini’ Raffia Tote, $495

Twin Chain Necklace, $8.80

Elephant Caravan Bracelet, $6.80

Dainty Spring Bangles, $7.80

A few of my other forever trends include military inspired looks, boyfriend inspired looks, and anything camo print. What are your forever trends?


5 Responses to “Safari Chic”

  1. I could not agree more about the transience of trends and on the awesomeness of Safari everything! Some things about the safari trend don’t work for me – I’m not big on shirt dresses or fatigues, but the idea of “safari chic” as a whole is awesome. Chunky neutral knits, linens and cottons, tribal jewels and festive giraffe print is just so spring into summer that revisiting the trend is an annual no-brainer for me!

    I am a huge fan of the Banana Heritage line (for years I thought that “heritage” meant organic cotton but apparently it signifies Banana’s “return to its exploration/wilderness roots”) and I still shed a tear for the 86ing of Martin + Osa.

    Great picks — I adore that MK shirt and straw tote! 🙂 I think accessorizing is one of the funnest and most cost-effective ways to try out a trend, and F21 is a real help with that every season!

    • Oh I’ll have to check out that line at Banana. For some reason, I’m pro-Gap everything but never step foot into a Banana store. Check out, they still carry some retired Martin + Osa stuff. They used to be a traveling outlet sale here in CT but now they have a website. I scored a Kensie dress for $20 on there!

      I totally agree with you on accessorizing! I think girl world would be lost without F21. -Lauren

      • OMG!!! Thank you SO MUCH for that link, I am going to order like a thousand pairs of M+O jeans…and the bags are such a steal! What a fab website! 🙂

  2. Happy shopping! 🙂

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