Gush of the Week: is Reese Witherspoon the New Goldilocks?


Reese Witherspoon has always flown low on the radar. While cute in Sweet Home Alabama and commendable for all her charity work with breast cancer, she’s not what you would call an “attention commander.” That is until 2 weeks ago, upon seeing the newest issue of Elle. Wow, what happend to cute Melanie Carmichael? And when did this hottie emerge?

The part of Reese that left us most envious are her golden locks. Both Cher and myself are total suckers for a head full of blonde in any variation. And seeing Reese’s stand out mane, I felt an instant urge to call up my hair stylist and get an appointment ASAP. My brown to caramel ombre hair has been in my life since the fall, yawn. On top of that, as spring peeks around the corner, a switch is flicked in my brain and all of a sudden, blonde ambition kicks in. And while I hate getting the “your hair is going to fall out of your head” lecture, (I’ve been riding the dark to light ride for a good 10 years now, when will my hair fall out if it hasn’t yet?!) I can’t ignore my inner blondie begging to come out and play.

Check out photos from Reese’s Elle spread, do you love her locks or what?

-Lauren and Cher

One Response to “Gush of the Week: is Reese Witherspoon the New Goldilocks?”

  1. 1 Tara

    Don’t forget her stellar performance June Carter! Love her, and LOVE her hair! Btw, ladies, I just returned to blonde on Monday 🙂

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