Tutorial: Galaxy Nails


Galaxy Nails!

I think these may be my most fun nails yet! I call them “Galaxy Nails” but they could also pass for Nebula Nails, Black Hole Nails, Cosmic Nails… the nerdier the name, the better. Like all of the other nail looks I love to do, including cheetah nails, ink dipped nails, and ombre nails, the technique for Galaxy Nails does not call for perfection – meaning you do not have to have a steady hand or advanced skills to get these kick butt nails!

Follow these steps for the perfect galaxy nails. And as always, feel free to add your own twist to these nails by using different colors and glitters.

1. Gather the polishes and tools. For this nail look, I used black as the base, a light blue, a plum pink, a sparkly deep purple, and a pink and blue glitter polish. You also will need a makeup applicator sponge to do the galaxy effect.

2. Paint your entire nail with the darkest color; for me, I used black. Let dry.

3. With the nail polish brush, dab some of the lightest color (light blue) on the flat edge of your makeup sponge. Sponge the color lightly over MOST of your nail, leaving the edges black.

4. Take your pink color (plum pink) and again, with the nail polish brush dab it on your makeup sponge. Sponge the color lightly into the middle of the light blue sponged area. This does not have to be perfect! Feel free to add the pink to the middle like I said, but you could also put it to one side of the blue or the other.

5. With the nail polish brush, dab on some of the darker purple color on your makeup sponge. Sponge this color very very lightly and sporadically over the entire nail.

6. Finish with some sparkles! I used a Sally Hansen pink and blue glitter nail polish and did not cover the entire nail with it. I dabbed in just one corner of the nails and changed up the location on each nail.

7. Voila! Use a top coat (my favorite is Seche Vite) to seal in this beautiful look.

Let me know what you think and feel free to tell me what colors you plan to try this look with!

– Cher

3 Responses to “Tutorial: Galaxy Nails”

  1. Ahaha I love this! What a fun idea 🙂 Sadly, not for weekday wear with my job description, but I am SO going to do this next time I’m off on a long weekend with my girlfriends! (We routinely have competitions to see who can have the most “GSB” nails – this entails using piles of glitter, neon pink and purple hues and shameless color clashing – naturally, I usually win, haha)

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