Make Some (Party) Waves


All week I’ve been trying to think of my favorite hairstyle to wear to parties. Sometimes I do the traditional big curls; other times it’s straight with a pretty headband or sparkly headpiece. However, when I’m really down to party, say for my birthday, I go the wavy route.

Yes, I’m talking big, beachy, mermaid waves. Wavy hair is my favvvvooorrrrite hairstyle of all time on me, but sometimes it’s so time consuming that I can’t bear to do it. However, I rounded up some of my favorite wavy looks to show you how fun and festive wavy party hair could be!

Look #1 – Achieved by Triple Barrel Curling Iron

Me with wavy hair!

Look #2 – Achieved with TopStyler C-Shells

Lauren and our friend, Renata, with TopStyler hair

Look #3 – Achieved by Unraveling Braids

Me with wavy hair via braiding

Look #4 – Achieved by Ceramic Straightener – Check out an awesome YouTube tutorial here

Looks #5, 6, and 7 – My favorite wavy haired celebs!

What’s your “go-to” party hairstyle? Share below!

– Cher

3 Responses to “Make Some (Party) Waves”

  1. Kudos to both of you ladies for achieving the wavy look so well! In theory, I have naturally wavy hair, though in reality it’s more like unruly Russian Jewish Frizzy Hair. I’ve spent the better part of my adult life trying to hide the waves; my pink GHD is my BFF. Periodically I attempt to cop a Gisele or a vintage Brit Brit, but I can never get it to look right. I must procure this TopStyler and embrace the waves!

    • The TopStyler is amaze- so long as you’re not in a rush. My friend did my hair that night with the shells, I LOVED the result and bought my own. After one week, I couldn’t master the damn thing so I returned it. But our friend swears by it. Let me know how you make out! Tip- Bed, Bath and Beyond sells its, and you can use a 20% coupon! -Lauren

  2. 3 Lorraine

    YOU girls are so beautiful-this blog makes
    my day!

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