Great to Give, Great to Get– Birthday Gifts!


To close out EBF’s Birthday week, we’re giving you our top picks for gifts to give the birthday girl in your life. All of you really loved our Christmas Gift series, so we’re hoping you find this list just as helpful and exciting.


Cher’s Picks for Gifts…

Under $25

Alex + Ani Expandable Wire Bangles

Buy these for your friends to start a collection! They are SO fun to stack up and mix-and-match!

Under $50

Viva La Juicy Solid Perfume Necklace (Two gifts in one!)

Such a great gift! I received a Stella McCartney solid perfume necklace for my birthday and it’s one of my favorite gifts — I wear it daily!

Under $75

GUESS Zea Envelope Clutch

Which girl doesn’t love adding to their purse and clutch collection? This nautical themed clutch is great for the warmer times to come!

Under $100

Kate Spade Chandelier Earrings (sooo special!)

I absolutely adore these gorgeous Kate Spade earrings! They will make your friend feel like a million bucks and will stay in her jewelry drawer for years to come!

Lauren’s Picks for Gifts…

Under $25
Rain Cosmetics Organizer, $12.99

Fill this little organizer with your fave drug store cosmetics or nail polishes. It’s the perfect gift for any beauty junkie!

Under $50
Create a unique, custom scent from Scentcrafters of Beverly Hills, $41.98

Under $75
Breast Cancer Awareness GOOD LUCK ELEPHANT Leather Wrap Bracelet, $58


Under $100
Hot Chilli Chill Tote, $78

What are some of your fave gifts to give?
-Cher and Lauren


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