Spring Ahead in your Current Wardrobe- Colored Denim Edition


Colored denim is all the rage this spring, for good reason. Colored jeans are way more fun and playful than regular ol’ denim and can be dressed up or down so simply. J. Brand has some of the best colored denim pieces around – and they are such good quality that they could be worn all year round with the right pieces, of course. But check your local Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, and Forever 21 for less expensive, but still adorable, colored denim options.

The colors and prints for denim this upcoming season are nothing shy of awesome (and sometimes, overwhelming for a beginner!) – florals, neons, pastels, and prints – but we all have to start somewhere. Tangerine and light yellow jeans are the inspiration for today’s post and our new found obsession with colored denim.

Here are J. Brand’s tangerine colored skinnies and how to wear them:

Cher’s tips on how to Spring ahead in colored denim

Item 1: Neutral Crocheted Sweater

One of my favorite outfits I saw on the streets of Boston last year was a woman wearing a pair of red jeans with a nude sweater, nude flats, aviator sunglasses, and a sleek ponytail. Her bright jeans were the spotlight of her outfit, so she let them shine with neutral accessories. Brilliant!

Olivia Sky Dolman Sleeve Open Stitch Sweater, $48

Item 2: White Blazer

A white blazer is a spring and summer wardrobe staple, but we all know that by now. It goes with everything and can be used to warm up on not-so-warm nights. I love the idea of wearing a white blazer with an oversized tank top or tee shirt with tangerine colored denim. The contrast would be exquisite!

ASOS Blazer With Invisible Fastening, $32.23

Item 3: Complementing Color Heels

Neutrals are always a welcome choice when wearing bright colors, but there is something special to be said about adding a bright heel to color block your colored jeans outfit. With light yellow denim, I’d wear bright purple heels as a great transition piece into spring. With these two bright colors going on though, make sure you keep the rest of the outfit understated and simple.

Nine West Women’s Devika Pump, $39.97

Lauren’s tips on how to Spring ahead in colored denim

Item 1. Muted Striped Tee

Crisp lines, cool colors and rollable sleeves, you can never wrong your fave colored skinnies with a top like this. Just add ballet flats and a spring scarf, you’re ready to take on the day!

Stripe Drop Shoulder Long Sleeve Tee, $39.50

Item 2. Woven Rope Belt

Purposeful and decorative, a belt like this always flashes nods of Spring!

Belgo Lux Woven Rope Belt, $28

Item 3. Cork Wedges

Cher and myself are both die hard wedge fans, as you can see here, and here. I love a shoe like this one because it’s not a sandal wedge, more of a Spring time transition wedge. A little fabric to protect your feet, incase the weather is on the chillier side.

Mix No. 6 Carlene Wedge Pump, $44.95

How do you plan on wearing your colored skinny jeans this season?

– Laur & Cher


2 Responses to “Spring Ahead in your Current Wardrobe- Colored Denim Edition”

  1. Awesome ideas! The whole “orange creamsicle” of an outfit combo is super chic and absolutely fool-proof. I’m planning on mixing my colors – pastel bottoms with primary tops and vice versa, or just go into full parrot mode and make like an H&M ad with 4 saturated hues in a single outfit.

    Have you guys heard the latest from Camp Middleton — coral/tangerine denim is officially the latest “it” piece (I’m guessing she’s a devotee of the Pantone Prophesies too!) I was hoping to keep my colored denim expenditures to a minimum but now I’m up to 3 coveted colors (pale yellow, coral and mint/blue). Le sigh 🙂

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