Product Review: Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss


If you look in my purse on any given day, you’ll stumble upon close to 20 lip products. Between chap sticks, red, plum and pink lip sticks/crayons and a slew of glosses- some would say I’m a lip product junkie. Amongst my handfuls of glosses, I realized I was missing a key player, a plumping gloss.

After doing some research to find the perfect plumper, I decided to try out Soap and Glory’s Sexy Mother Pucker. And boy, am I glad I added this product to my bag of tricks.

Here’s the review:
one to five stars, one being lowest, five being highest

Feel: This product is a little sticky. It doesn’t pass the window test (driving with windows down on the highway, does your hair stick to your lips while blowing in the breeze?). However, the sticky feeling doesn’t last long, within seconds your lips are tingling like crazy. If you’re not a fan of this tingle sensation, lip plumpers aren’t for you. 4 stars
Colors: Soap and Glory offers this product in 5 shades- clear, candy gloss, pink apricot, yummy plum and half naked. I bought the candy gloss shade since I’m addicted to gloss that’s mostly nude with a hint of color. Candy gloss delivers a slight pink color and tons of shine! I’m curious to check out the other shades in person. 5 stars
Price: At $15 this gloss is $9 less than my ALL TIME FAVE NARS Striptease. This gloss could never serve as a replacement for my beloved front runner but I would consider it a must have gloss in my supply. 4.5 stars
Staying Power: This is always really important for me. Why blow $15 on a gloss if it only lasts one hour? You certainly don’t have to worry about that happening with Sexy Mother Pucker on your lips! After my venti Skinny Vanilla latte and 24 oz bottle of water, this gloss needs a slight touch up but nothing crazy. If you want really pump up the plump, reapply more often. 5 stars

Overall: I would rate this product 4.5 stars. As one of the few plumpers I’ve tried, it really blew me away. The price is right, colors are great and this product packs some outrageous staying power! If you’re seeking for the perfect plumper, look no more.

What shade of Sexy Mother Pucker are you looking to purchase?


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