Product Review: Anthropologie Oiseau Eau De Toilette


For my birthday this year, I received many wonderful gifts, including special jewelry, pretty clothing, and surprisingly, several bottles of perfume. My very close and wonderful friend, Renata, bought me a bottle of Anthropologie’s fragrance and I fell so in love with it, that I felt the need to share my review with all of you.

Anthropologie’s Oiseau Eau De Toilette in Burning June is a spicy fragrance, “a thicket of strawberry and ginger root, lined with flowering gardenia trees” (from the Anthropologie website). It comes in a lovely bottle that I display on a mirrored tray in my bathroom, along with my other most treasured perfumes.

Product Review (five stars being highest, one star being the lowest)

Scent: I find this scent to be intoxicating! I love the blend of fruits, flowers, and spices… and it reminds me of a hot summer night (Midsummer Night’s Dream, anyone?!). But yet, it doesn’t remind me of any other fragrance… a good thing in my book! 5 stars for originality!

Staying Power: I have been alternating this perfume with Chanel Chance every other day, and I notice that this scent brings me to about 3 o’clock. I don’t mind respritzing it though to get me through the evening. 4.5 stars.

Price: This scent could be yours for under $30, and it is worth every single penny. Even though Anthropologie’s clothes and bedding are rather expensive, this perfume stands out as a great value. 5 stars!

Bottom Line: Definitely go out and try some of Anthropologie’s scents. You will be pleasantly surprised at the selection and the value of these perfumes and I guarantee they will become a staple of your scent collection moving forward. 5 stars!

– Cher


One Response to “Product Review: Anthropologie Oiseau Eau De Toilette”

  1. This sounds like such an interesting scent, and the bottle is adorable! I didn’t know that Anthro had a fragrance line (I don’t go in there very often). I’m going to have to check this one out for sure!

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